About Us

Derewala Jewellery Industries Ltd. is one of the fastest growing jewellery having its worldwide distribution from its base in Jaipur, the jewellery hub of India. Derewala creates jewellery that is both exquisite and exclusive, employs passionate designers, brilliant engineers, master craftsmen, and using state of the art technology. Derewala’s expertise caters to retailers, manufacturers and wholesalers worldwide.

Dazzling dreams and a visionary approach is how Derewala could be described in a sentence. From its humble origin over twenty five years ago, we have evolved into a global force in world jewellery. Driven by the vision & passion of Mr. Pramod Agarwal, Chairman, Derewala Jewellery Industries Ltd. has created new benchmarks in Gold, Silver and fashion jewellery that reflects excellence in design and artistry. Consumer preferences for jewellery are rapidly evolving and keeping pace with global trends, Derewala is strongly focused on innovation and visualizing future trends. The company continuously updates its technology to keep on the forefront of the industry.